Do Your Mornings Work For You?

Our days are so precious aren’t they?  I really feel this in Winter, when the days are so short!  It feels like night time comes around way to soon.  Luckily the long endless Summer days make up for this. Have you ever noticed how some days (I repeat some!) just come to us in the […]

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For You & Your Kids

The other day I was walking across the street past a lovely building with the words ‘Music School’ across the front.  Now don’t get me wrong, we all need music in our world, it’s one of life’s great pleasures, but it had me thinking that surely our priorities are grossly outdated! Given the desperate stages […]

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The Disease Of ‘More’

If someone you greatly admired said to you “(insert your name here) you don’t need to improve or strive for another thing in your life, you’re now at the perfect point in everything.  All you need to do now is maintain it, relax and ENJOY having what you’ve got!’  What would be your reaction? Would […]

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Are We Set To Fail?

The number 1 reason we don’t get to where we want with our health, is due to lack of support and guidance!  It’s not so much ‘the diet’ it’s that we forget why we are doing what we’re doing. Tell me this isn’t true!  We get all excited with ‘our new plan’ of action for […]

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I Have A Question For You This Easter

“If you can imagine the happiest, healthiest version of yourself, how would you describe this? Now this may seem a little ‘airy-fairy’ but before you glaze over, I challenge you to read on 🙂 Since it’s Easter time, and we’re heading towards the end of the first quarter of 2017, I want to leave you […]

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Food Intolerance: The Truth Hurts!

Understanding how our bodies react to food is hands down one of the most life changing moves we can make for our health and our energy.  This is not an exaggeration either! Making the adjustments in our diet will have a profound effect on our health.  You may feel a difference the next day or  […]

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What Type Are You?

This is a traditional Indian healing system called Ayurveda, which is more than 5000 years old.  This same system gave us yoga and meditation (Thank you… I don’t know what I’d do without just these 2 things!) But Ayurveda also slots our bodies types into just 3 types (Vatta, Pitta and Kapha) which they call […]

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