How To Use Plant Medicine For Your Health

For centuries, people have sought medical advice or treatment.  Where we now take medicines orally, healing in the past often involved rubbing in of a plant-based medicine or by ‘calming a troubled spirit’ so that the body’s turmoil can also calm. Today, our role as a patient is predominantly a passive one.  We hand over […]

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A Better Way To Look At Your Anxiety

Anxiety would have to be one of the most common complaints women tell me about within the private space of their health consultation. These anxious feelings can range from low grade and occasional,  due to a certain life event such as family trauma or financial stress. And then there’s ‘free floating anxiety’ where we feel […]

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Is Weight Gain A Blood Sugar Thing?

One thing is for sure! Less calories is often not the answer to weight loss. We’ve just got to think about it for ourselves.  Many of us are eating less and trying to exercise more, but it’s not equating to weight loss.  We’re still struggling to be the weight that we want to be. This […]

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Is your body betraying you?

We are all born with intuitive knowledge of our own health, but this intuition tends to shut down in mid life (or before) by our culture. So many of us feel that our bodies are betraying us! “I can’t trust my body, it’s turning on me!”  In actual fact –  your body is doing everything […]

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A Quick Tool To Stop Procrastinating

We all know what we should be doing, but we don’t necessarily do it right?  We know that we should eat right, exercise more, go to bed earlier, or get more ‘me’ time, but even though these are just little things (they’re not mammoth tasks) we often lack the motivation to do the little things! […]

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