Is your body betraying you?

We are all born with intuitive knowledge of our own health, but this intuition tends to shut down in mid life (or before) by our culture. So many of us feel that our bodies are betraying us! “I can’t trust my body, it’s turning on me!”  In actual fact –  your body is doing everything […]

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A Quick Tool To Stop Procrastinating

We all know what we should be doing, but we don’t necessarily do it right?  We know that we should eat right, exercise more, go to bed earlier, or get more ‘me’ time, but even though these are just little things (they’re not mammoth tasks) we often lack the motivation to do the little things! […]

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We Live By The Hormones Of Stress

“The majority of us live by the hormones of stress.” Yes we were designed to experience bouts of stress to get things done and run away from danger.  However our modern living has created an existence where, we are actually in a stressed state 24/7. And it’s this state, which is a completely unnatural way […]

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Changing Just Your Diet Won’t Work

This may sound strange coming from a nutritionist, however if you’ve ever worked with me, you know that food is just one part of the puzzle in someone’s health.  This is the new frontier. The idea that we are born with certain genes, but it’s our lifestyle and environment, that shape which genes (good or […]

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What Do Your Sugar Cravings Really Mean?

Sugar can give us a terribly irrational, emotional, anxious and depressed brain. Not to mention poor sleep and really low energy. You know in my private practice, my clients are very aware of cutting out added sugar, in their coffee, tea etc. BUT forget about all the hidden sugars that are in our supermarket food, […]

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Women Are Ignoring This Part Of Their Health

When we aren’t feeling great in our health, we’ve a tendency to think it must be a physical problem in our body. We think it’s probably something related to what we’re eating, drinking, whether we’ve been exercising or getting enough rest – and that’s absolutely true, but blaming yourself, or thinking you caused it, or […]

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A Gift For You This Week – Making Life Easier!

I can’t wait to share with you what the grandmother of holistic health and TRUTH – Dr Christiane Northrup has to say (below) about women’s emotional and physical health and how to make your life easier.  She’s tells it straight! As you know, I specialize in Women’s Health in my Nutritional Medicine practice and I’m […]

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