Gut Healing Powders & How To Take Them

If you have digestive issues you need to heal your gut. We also need to heal our gut even if we have seemingly ‘unrelated to gut’ health issues, such as  joint pain, low thyroid, low energy, hormonal issues, weight gain (and just about everything else that people are suffering from at this time.) The reason […]

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Could This Be Your Aha Moment?

Worrying is Stress.  We were never designed to be in ‘stress mode’ all the time. This is like turning on a car and letting it idle in the driveway until it runs out of fuel!  Sadly this is how most of us are living our lives, whether we’re conscious of it or not.  But only, […]

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Your Easy Meditation Awaits!

Meditation is the missing link for any progress we are trying to make with our health. As we chatted about last week , it’s common that we may not know where to start with meditation!   Should we go to a class? buy a book? download an app? Yes these are all great ways, but […]

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1 Way You Can Have An Easier Life

Meditation is our ‘It’ tool, to cope with our lives more easily.  It’s so common to think that meditation is forcing our mind to be quiet… BUT it’s actually the other way around. All we need to do is find the quiet that’s ALREADY there! Meditation is mainstream now.   There’s no more weird looks… […]

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Hormonal Symptoms? Keep This In Mind…

Still feeling tired when you wake up in the morning?  Do you wish your skin could be better or your various digestive issues like bloating would disappear and never come back?   When our hormones are imbalanced, these are the things that could suffer: Cortisol (our stress hormone) is the number 1 hormone influencing how […]

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What Are We Hungry For?

Is losing weight at the top of your mind right now? After a busy and indulgent Christmas (sometimes with very little exercise) we can find ourselves a few kg’s over and feeling every bit of it… Not fun! So if this is you… I wrote this previously, but thought it would be perfect to give […]

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