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Are you afraid you’ll be stuck with your current state of health, while the years continue to go by, without ever feeling how you’re MEANT to feel?

You may have a young family, run the household AND family business… but you just don’t have the time or energy to work out what’s really going on with your health.

For free health support join Nutrition For Life Community where I can start helping you straight away.  This is a great supportive group of like minded people.

Health Consultations

Everyone is so busy these days. Often too busy to find out what’s really causing those niggling health issues.

You know you need to sort it out, but keep putting it off in the hope it may get better on its own.  Trouble is it doesn’t!

Once our health is ‘thrown off balance’ we need to go into ‘fix-it’ mode… and the longer we leave it,  the harder it is to fix. 

I am a Accredited Clinical Nutritionist and treat a broad range of health conditions whilst also focusing on prevention. Treatment is based on you as ‘a whole’ and not just your symptom.  (The symptom is there to give you a warning sign that something is not right.) By using your health history and functional pathology testing, I work to get your body back to health.  It is also common to work with your GP to get greater results.

Consultations can be via Skype or at the Townsville clinic. Skype is simple to use from home.  So long as you’re relaxed enough to have a chat about YOU.

Face to Face consultations are most welcome also.

If you’re not sure, arrange to chat to me first.


if you want help with your health now, here’s what you do:

Step 1. Email me (click here) Let me know what you’re after and when, including your best contact number.

Step 2. I’ll call you back to confirm appointment.

Step 3. You will receive a health history form to return, just so we’re not wasting valuable time in your consultation.

Step 4. Have your health consultation either by Skype (download here) or face to face at the clinic.

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An extensive initial health consultation to go over your health history and create health plan/testing, whatever you may need.

Automatic membership into the Patient 4 Life Programme. I have designed this little gem so that you will NEVER feel alone after you’re consultation. Click here to see more.

Ongoing health support. We all have new questions as we progress!

Be the first to know about my new online health program. I am designing this to give you and your family all that you need, to take care of your own health now and in the future.  This program will give you greater control so that you’re less reliant on others to ‘fix’ you.

Note: Face to Face consultations are fully rebatable by many private health funds.

Initial Consult (1 hour)  $195 (includes ongoing support)

Follow Up Consult (45mins) $120

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P.S. Once the Program 4Life is filled, I will need to close it, so I can give all of my members my full attention. So please get in and have your consultation, so you can be a part of this little beauty.

My guarantee:
If you’re unhappy with my consultation, please contact me so I can make it right!

No longer will you feel the frustration of searching the web for conflicting health info or waiting for OTHER HEALTH PROFESSIONALS TO GET BACK TO YOU.

Get healthy and stay healthy. No matter where you live, know that you can access help with your health now.

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So after your first consultation, you will automatically become a much loved member of my Patient 4LIFE program. Here, I can always be there for you, to answer any ongoing health questions for you, or your family and I will email you specific info on your health issues and other useful info for life. This information will be more tailored to you (unlike the blog, where it needs to be a little bit general) AND you get 1 free health question per month.

I realise that you are always going to have more questions on health because balance is a daily assessment, but the trouble is who do you ask? That is why I’m here.


  • "The initial thought of paying for something and the thought of ongoing costs scared me, I live to a very tight budget. Then going through the consultation and realising how important it is to put myself first. The benefits certainly out-weigh the cost."

    J.M. Canterbury, NZ.
  • "Johanna is incredibly caring, knowledgeable and genuinely interested in her patient’s welfare, which makes her an outstanding practitioner."

    C.M. Brisbane
  • "I have more energy and a positive outlook for when I try new foods or activities, my skin feels softer and my hair feels stronger. I feel more confident to be able to handle the stresses that I am faced and have the ability to maintain the way I eat and recognise when I am not eating what my body requires."

    J.M. Canterbury, NZ.
  • "Being out rural and able to use Skype to communicate instead of coming into town for a consult. The regular emails and contact are a great support, encouragement and empowerment."

    J.M. Canterbury, NZ.
  • "Johanna is very understanding to her clients individual needs and makes you feel like you are being empowered on your journey."

    J.M. Canterbury, NZ.
  • "Johanna went above and beyond to understand the issues I was having. She is compassionate, encouraging and caring and I really felt an immediate sense of trust, feeling comfortable to be completely honest without feeling embarrassed or judged. Her gentle treatment approach and advice has seen me regain balance and health in my life and I had no idea I could feel this in control of my body and mind!"

    C.A. Hughenden.
  • "I feel a wide variety of people would value and respond positively to Johanna’s approach."

    J.M. Canterbury, NZ.
  • "In consultation, Johanna's encouragement and kindness is something I haven't experienced before in this profession.
    She also continually share's her vast knowledge on her Facebook page and the Nutrition For Life Community. You're not a number when you visit Johanna."
    D. Smith Implementation Trainer
  • "Johanna has an amazing ability to communicate in a clear manner and she gives you an indepth consultation and report."

    D. Smith Implementation Trainer
  • "Johanna is very easy to talk to.  I particularly like that she listens to my request not to have a restricted diet and worked around that. Her knowledge and expertise could help many who think a bucket load of supplements are the answer, when we know that most of it comes down to our food.  

    Leisa QuagliataFinancial Advisor
  • I felt I didn't really need a consult as I already knew what I was doing wrong - BUT How wrong I was! I've now lost 5 kg and a lot of stomach fat.  Johanna adapted my food plan to fit around the things I like and didn't want to give wine and ice-cream!  Thank you, you've changed my eating patterns for life and made me realise nutritionists can help everyday people not just fitness types! '

    R. Patterson Townsville
  • “Johanna Anning has actively demonstrated that one of her real priorities is improving client knowledge so that, rather than just improving their life in the short term, she is making real life-long changes. Her advice and support is key but she takes valuable time in ensuring her clientele understand exactly what needs to be done and tangible strategies on how to achieve their goals.”

    Shilo Mason Ariya Health
  • “Johanna’s knowledge of food, diet and their effect on health was exceptional. I thought I was fairly knowledgeable, but discovered that some things that I thought were ok were not good for me. I’ve shed some weight and feel much better having followed Johanna’s advice. Johanna is very passionate about her work and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

    D. BowersTownsville
  • "Johanna you are the first health professional that I've seen in the last 14 years (and it has been ALOT!!) that actually understands and has helped me, with my gut issues."

    A. PrestonTownsville
  • "I'm so impressed with your professionalism and your on going support. I feel the best I have felt in years and I finally feel like you have given me the answers that so many specialists have never seem to have done. I am now having several days at a time where I am pain free, I am extremely grateful for all of the work you have put into me. You have changed my life!! THANK YOU"

    A. Preston Townsville
  • "I actually had no hesitations about having a health consultation with Johanna as I studied her website first and felt her integrity and passion emanating from the pages!Johanna has such a warm, down to earth approach and her genuine caring was evident in her gentle questioning that covered a very holistic approach to my wellness challenges. I felt ‘safe’.  I felt cared for and I felt confident that her advice was well founded in a depth of broad spectrum knowledge!" I was blown away with the detailed plan she created for me with further advice about which foods did and did not support my challenges. This made it so simple to follow the plan.

    L.F. Nebo
  • "After following Johnna Anning’s, “Nutrition for Life” Facebook page, I realized that here was someone with amazing information and a dedication to improving women’s health. After a little hesitation because after all, I wasn’t really ‘sick’ but realizing that perhaps I could improve my health and wellbeing, I made an appointment for a consultation with Johanna. A questionnaire was sent to me before the appointment which gave me time to reflect on my health in my home environment. Johanna listened intently and with compassion and was able to work out what I was doing ‘right’ and what I was doing ‘wrong’. She suggested several tests which were most enlightening. A simple to follow eating programme specific to my needs was given to me as well as other lifestyle suggestions and yes, my health, emotionally and physically has dramatically improved. Johanna continues to provide me with support. Decide now that you deserve better health and make an appointment with Johanna."

    L.C. Charter Towers


A 32 year old woman asked me for help with her health recently. She is a very busy woman living in a rural area with her husband and looking after their 3 small children. She says she used to feel good and full of energy, but lately in the haze of her busy lifestyle, she notices that she feels tired, has put on weight and also feels a bit depressed at times. She also wakes up feeling unrefreshed in the morning. Her doctor ran some blood tests showing she has a low thyroid. She was advised to see an endocrinologist and have a thyroid ultrasound.

The results of her ultrasound were all good. At her request, her endocrinologist was comfortable to monitor progress of my treatment, with a review in 6 weeks to see if medication would be needed, however she really didn’t want to go on medication.

My treatment began cleaning up her diet, adding some lifestyle changes and taking nutritional supplements to encourage her body to re-balance itself. Additionally some light counselling was implemented to talk to about whatever she needed to get off her chest which assisted her emotionally and in turn her stress levels.

In 6 weeks, her blood test results showed an increasing improvement in her thyroid, an increased sense of wellbeing and much improved sleep.

We continue to progress in our treatment.


Get in Touch with Me:

Q & A’s

As long as you have an internet connection, and access to your computer, then Skype will work for your consultation.

Yes you surely can. I am based in Townsville, so please contact me for the location of my clinic. Initial Consultations are $195 and will last for 1 hour.  The price also includes a lot of continuing support until you feel that you don’t need me anymore.  You have access to me well after the consult, via Messenger and email for further help.

After your initial consultation, we will be able to work out when it would be the best time for you to have a follow up consultation to assess your treatment plan. These consultations would usually go for 45 minutes and cost $120. Face to face consultations are fully rebatable.

I can send whatever you need by post to where ever you are. We endeavour to make this the quickest possible service, so that you can get started on feeling better as soon as possible.

Yes of course. I also understand that it is difficult to make changes when you’re eating with the family and often it is easier to do it altogether. Please let me know what you need.

Once we have booked in an appointment for your consultation, I will send you my payment details. Payment needs to be made with your online banking, 24 hours before your consultation. Please email a screen shot of your payment, otherwise that appointment time will be automatically cancelled.

As you would understand, I can only look after so many patients within my program. Once it is full, I will need to close it, so that I can be of service to those current patients. The program will continue until the need arises for something else which may serve you down the track.

Free Ebook Kick sugar out of your life, it’s not that hard

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