Women’s Hormones

& One Very Special Herb To Help!


Despite the modern world, our bodies still work to the perennial ebb and flow of nature.

However – in my chats with women during their health consultations, I’ve noticed that we women are missing the vital sign posts, time and time again, because we are just so darn busy!

In particular, what we’re missing is the fact that there is the ‘cycle of nature’ every month for women’s bodies. Unlike men, we’ve therefore a finely tuned barometer, telling us if we are or are not in harmony with ourselves and our health. 

These are messages that come to us through our emotions, and if we don’t listen, they often come to us in the form of terrible anxiety or depression, and we wonder how this all happened!

So If we’re ‘too busy’ to notice these messages (our emotions and any lightbulb moments or gut feelings we have through the month), or we ignore it or conceal it by pharmaceutical medications such as the pill,  these subtle disharmonies can form into long term health problems which will really stop us in our tracks!  

And it’s this is what is what is happening today with so many women!

We feel the pressure to do it all.  To flourish professionally and personally – racing to beat the clock set by society and thus ignoring our natural rhythms.  It is this which has created our most challenging landscape for women’s health today.

Women feel overwhelmed with a lot of unanswered questions on their health and nowhere to turn within our contradictory medical system.  So we feel powerless.   

Someone recently said to me that our doctors are for emergencies, communicable diseases and research.  Anything else, we must learn to unravel within ourselves and encourage our bodies to heal these naturally.  

Learning about what makes us personally healthy, find our peace amidst a busy world and taking measures to strengthen our resilience to face these new challenges is what life is all about.

One of the most common health issues women are facing  is hormone imbalance, which can cause/or be caused from other imbalances such as gut issues.  For many it’s impossible to know where to start with this!

Hormone imbalances are occurring much more now, as we subject our bodies to un-natural lifestyles, foods and an unnatural amount of stress.

These are some ways hormone imbalances can show up for us:

  • Menstrual irregularities including lack of period, irregular, short, long, heavy, light or painful.
  • Bad PMS
  • PCOS – however there are some types of PCOS that it is not appropriate for (so best check with a herbalist or naturopath).
  • Breast pain
  • Fibroids
  • Premenstrual acne
  • Perimenopause/menopause symptoms that are bad 
  • Infertility – which is associated with low progesterone
  • History of recurrent miscarriage
  • Hormone-related headaches, migraines and depression.
  • Hormone-related skin problems such as acne.  

The good news however, is that there’s now some wonderful women’s herbal blends often with a very wonderful herb called ‘Vitex’ – Amazing for balancing women’s health and which you can easily take as a supplement. (this is what it looks like below!) 

The distinct cyclical nature of Vitex, is precisely the gift it imparts to us, re-establishing our own cycles.

Vitex is a popular herb and easy to find in health food stores and pharmacies, but take with care as herbal medicines are strong.

Remember, Vitex is only one of the many amazing herbs and blends, for getting your health back to balance!

If you have any questions on the above, please don’t hesitate to throw me a line via email: johanna@johannaanning.com.au and feel free to comment below – Have you heard of Vitex before?

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